A new chapter

It’s been almost 2 years! Wow, I’ve missed blogging! So much has happened already- reviewing for and taking the US medical boards, moving in to our new home, trying to get pregnant, finally getting pregnant, fearing miscarriage, putting my RA medications on hold, flaring up while pregnant, flaring up some more, giving birth, going through delivery complications, more postpartum complications, taking care of a newborn, struggling with breastfeeding, finally getting the hang of breastfeeding, more flaring up, taking care of an infant, dislocating my shoulder, thinking of weaning so I could get the shoulder surgery that I need, and did I mention my RA flaring up? – that I really haven’t had enough time to sit down and well, blog. Whew. All of that. But now that we are in a totally new chapter of our lives, I want to do this again and hopefully be able to document the fun (and not so fun) perks of parenting. So here’s to a whole new chapter and more!_DSC3392

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