Sam’s First Snow

Of all the things I love documenting, it’s my husband’s firsts i love the most. This week we experienced our first snowfall, and boy what a snowfall that was! Reports tell us we had a total of 14 inches in 2 days alone, but I think it was more than 14! As if I knew. Since it was our first time seeing a lot of fresh fluffy snow (we’ve seen fake snow, and snow on the ground, but nothing like fresh fluffy snow!), Sam had all the energy plowing the entire driveway! And of course I also had the energy to instruct him on how to do it better, which didn’t help at all, by the way. So, since my “instructions” didn’t help at all, and because I really wanted to help, I just ended up taking the hand-held snow plow (also spelled as snow plough)  from him for short periods of time to allow him to rest. So,  it’s hello again, painful joints for me. Anyway, here are some of his reactions as we waited for our first real snowfall:

Day 1:  It’s snowing! Yay! Snow! Snow! Snow!

Day 2:  Have you seen how much snow there is outside?! You’ve got to come look!

Day 3:  (when he came home from work at 6am) I couldn’t find my car under all that snow! Oh no, and it’s only the first day of snow!

My reaction: You wanted snow, God gave you snow 🙂

Look at him:







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